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DI calcium phosphate dihydrate IP/BP/USP//PHARMA
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DI calcium phosphate anhydrous IP/BP/USP/PHARMA
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Micro Crystalline Cellulose Powder IP/BP/USP/PHARMA
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Welcome to Tirumala Inorganics We Strive For Quality and Customer Satisfaction

Welcome to Tirumala Inorganics, as we have heard- "humble beginnings, often bring great results". Tirumala inorganics is one of the best examples of this. Manufacturing state-of-the-art and best qualities of pharmaceutical excipients in Indian Pharma Grade (IP), British Pharma Grade (BP) and US Pharma Grade (USP) is our undertaking.

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Vision Statement

To provide the best quality api’s/excipients with best pricing. Keeping in mind the mission of india to be self reliant and self sustainable, we aim to contribute in however way possible to realize that mission. Quality, fair pricing, research & development and client satisfaction are our motto through which we aim to achieve our vision.

Quality Developments

Tirumala Inorganics Has Distinctive Edge For Quality

  • ISO 9001-2015 and GMP Certified Manufacturer.
  • State of The Art Plant with Latest Machinery.
  • Well Equipped Labs.
  • Well Trained and Qualified Staff.